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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 23rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn, good morning. we do have some fog along the coast. it is pushing a little bit around mountain view and san jose. otherwise temperatures are a couple degrees warmer in the north bay but we are cooler around hay mont and fremont. it's 46 in santa rosa. this is not much of a problem now. 53 in mountain view with the clouds and 48 in san jose. so your first forecast for the second half of your weekend calls for some of that patchy fog in the early morning hours and then we will see plenty of sunshine with temperatures coming up a couple degrees. we will look for upper 50s to mid-60s at the coast. but low 70s should do it around oakland and inland.
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livermore, san ramon valley should see the mid-70s. rain is coming our way. we will talk about the april showers in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we begin with breaking news where at least one person died following a multi-car accident in san leandro. two cars were involved in a head-on collision on east 14th street just before 11:00 last night. one person died he is scene and two were taken to the hospital. one is listed in serious condition. they have not yet been identified. streets were shut down while police investigated. no word yet if speed or alcohol played a role in the crash. >> another security breach to tell you about. this time at a place most of us use at one time or another, the dmv. now millions of credit card numbers could be in the wrong hands. law enforcement authorities have alerted the dmv about the potential breach and now a
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warning is utility with anybody with a driver's license or registered vehicle in california. abc news reporter hills camera i don't know kim has the details. >> first it was target, then neiman marcus and now it appears hackers may have targeted the california dmv. >> it's a little unfortunate, considering i was just at the dmv. >> the dmv is providing few details, only this the dmv has been notified by law enforcement authorities of a potential security issue within their services. >> the cyber guys are out there looking for data they cancel and recell. >> this baron said she's not surprised they target government entities like the dmv. >> a break-in at the department of motor vehicle gets you a lot of good data. real home address,, other real information. >> the agency said they are
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reviewing their systems and they will alert customers immediately if they find an issue but in the meantime customers are told to monitor their information for credit card breaches. >> hopefully, you know, everything gets resolved soon because it's not good having everyone's personal information out there. >> it could involve the information of millions of californians. there are millions of licensed drivers and 32 million registered vehicles. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> this new breach comes just days after a break at ucsf. officials say the personal information of nearly 10,000 people may be compromised after computers were stolen from the school's medical center. so far there's no evidence anyone has tried to use the information. there are new details about friday night's officer-involved shooting in san francisco. we now know more about the man
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killed by a police officer at a poplar park. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the latest. >> i saw a guy with a gun but he wasn't threatening. to me he seemed like a guy eating a burrito. >> but some of his neighbors did feel threatened and called police when they saw the armed man who has been identified as 28-year-old, a family member who did not want to be identified tells abc7 news that he was mentally ill and was carrying a taser and not a handgun. still, when authorities arrived, they say they arrived him, who then raised his weapon at them. >> it appears he drew the weapon and officers responded and shot him. >> probably five seconds of gunfire. really erratic like pop, pop, pop, pop. probably coming from multiple weapons. >> some nearby residents said they heard as many as 16 gunshots go off but those who
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come to the park regularly can't believe the level of violence that erupted. >> scary that someone is carrying is gun in a park in a neighborhood that we live and he was shot and killed. >> i appear here with my 8-year-old daughter whenever i'm here and it's definitely care scary. >> to ease fears, the police chief plans hold a community meeting. >> i asked the family about the claim he was armed with a taser and not a handgun, but they refused to comment. abc7 news. san jose place are searching for a gunman who shot and wounded two men in a brazen attack yesterday afternoon. police say the man walked up to the men who were working on a car just before 2:00. words were exchanged, shots were fired, and the gunman jumped into a waiting car. the victims, 19 and 24 years old, are expected to survive. happening today, there will be a charity workout fundraiser in honor of a bart police
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officer killed in the line of duty. sergeant tommy smith died after he was accidentally shot by a fellow officer during a probation search in dublin on january 21st. today's cross-fit style hero workout is open to people of all fitness levels. there will be a silent auction, rafael and food. proceeds benefits his family. there's no set registration fee to participate, although $40 is recommended. the charity workout gets underway at 9:00 this morning at the cross-fit in union city. a warning this morning for drivers who speed down the streets of walnut creek. the city's traffic police are making a come back. according to our media partner, "the contra costa time" the motor traffic team will hit the streets again. they saw a spike in accidents last year due in part to a drop in budget enforcements. budget cuts and low staffing
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levels were to blame but the department is once again fully staffed. other changes coming include more officer training and putting officers back in schools. search planes are back in the skied to looking for a malaysia airlines plane this disappeared more than two weeks ago. the new satellite image released by china is offering new hope that wreckage from flight 370 could be in the indian ocean. abc news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: as the search for flight 370 enters the third week, enter another possible lead. >> the chinese have received an image of floating materials in the southern part and they will be ending ships. >> the hazy image seems to show a large object, 73 feet by 42 feet, on the surface of the water in the indian ocean search field. it was taken about 75 miles south of where another satellite
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captured these two objects, which are the targets of a massive pursuit. there was a lag time of several days when the pictures were taken and when the pictures were released. >> the objects have likely moved because of currents and winds. it's possible they have just drifted to the bottom of the ocean bed. >> which may explain why the intense search set off by the first photo end in a third day of failure. >> we don't have evidence of any wreckage. >> the search of planes and ships will press on even with the typhoon nearby. >> that can scatter wreckage pretty fast. >> the lost time hangs heavy on the families of the missing. >> we want to know what happened! >> they say malaysian authorities neglect them and their pleas to understanding. some of even prepared to accept the worse for peace of mind. >> if its in the ocean, you
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know, then we know. >> abc news, fork. the port of oakland is getting behind a plan to build a stadium for the oakland a's on the site of an abandoned shipping terminal. according to our media partner, the mercury news, officials are expected to approval entering into negotiations with a group of businessmen who would work to obtain the necessary permits and perform an environmental review on the site. however, not on board yet, a's co-owner lew wolff. he said the proposed stadium at howard terminal is too far from bart and would require costly environmental cleanup. well, let's say good morning to lisa argen. what's on tap? >> we are warming up a little bit today. we had our temperatures yesterday in the 60s, a few low 70s and climbing to the 70s in most neighborhoods. emeryville 51 and cloudy and perhaps reaching 70. we will talk about the modest warmup and the rain everyone
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will see midweek. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, elephants on the loose. what happened? how trainers were able to coax them back home. >> a teenage girl gets stranded in china when the airline can sells her ticket. i'm mike finish. ahead on 7 on your side, why an airline can do that and can do that to you, too.
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but rain is on the way, as we enter into spring. lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. russia is completing its takeover of crimea. yesterday armed russian vehicles firing warming shots broke into into bebback airbase. it comes after they formalized their annexation of crime -- crimea on friday. putin sid he doesn't intend to move further but however russian forces are massing on the eastern border. bellback airbase is the last military facility in crimea to fall into the hands of russian forces. many up on "this week" more news about it. the harshest sanctions placed on russia since the end of the cold
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war you can catch it on aabcc7 at 8:00 this morning. there was a fire at a recycling plant that started after 9:00 last night. bundles of plastic caught fire. the building itself did not burn. between 75 and 80 firefighters battled those flames. a haz mat team was also called to the scene. no reports of injuries. three elephants he is skipped from a circus in missouri yesterday, damaging considers before being recapture. someone in a car took pictures with a cell phone. the first shows a parking lot and something big in the distance. we highlighted the elephant in the picture. the pacaderms ran from the children's ride section of the circus and the city of saint charles. >> we saw other people running and we are, oh, my god, he are escaping. >> i culled my husband and i told him the elephants are
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escaping, and he sid get in the car! >> it took about 45 minutes to corral the elephants and get them back to third compound. no one was injured but you see several cars were damaged. a father in fairfield filed a restraining order against a 9-year-old boy, an alleged bully at his son's school. the man said the rolling hills elementary student pushed his son and hit him in the face and when the school district failed to help, he filed a restraining order against his son's classmate. >> i tried everything else so why not try that? and it was granted. it was my last resort. i'm glad i did it. not only for my son, but for the rest of the children. >> what does that say? that every time you have a problem with somebody you are going to get a restraining order against somebody? >> well, some parents feel like that when they feel the school is sending the wrong message. he said the restraining order could end up null and void
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because the school will not give the father the boy's name or address. a teenage first trip overseas without her parents was a dream come true. but it also led to one of the scariest moments of her life. here's mike finish with a lesson for any airline passenger. >> 17-year-old jessica ky won't forget the excitement of her first trip to china. >> i like traveling and this time it was without my parents. >> jessica and two friends went to china as part of a student exchange program. it was a thrilling experience. that is, until she tried to get back home. >> i went to check in for my flight -- >> jessica's friends got third boarding passes and the airline said jessica's ticket was cancelled. her seat had been sold to someone else and the plane was full. >> they told me to buy a new ticket. >> but the next flight home was two days away. >> i felt scared at the moment. i was worried most about how i
5:17 am
would be getting home first and where would i city for the next two days? >> she watched as her friends reluctantly boarded the plane without her. >> i walk around the airport with my luggage. >> she stayed all night long in the terminal. luckily she knew a girl who was visiting family in hong kong. >> i had her number and i prayed it would work. >> it did, and the girl agreed to help. jessica caught a train to hong kong. she stayed there until her flight and then called her mother. >> she was at the airport the whole night. >> and she was out $525 for that extra ticket. jessica's mom contacted cafe pacific. >> why you guys did that to my daughter. she was only 17 years old. >> the airline said it was because jessica did not show up area researchers a connecting flight from hong kong to china. turns out the girls took a train instead. her mom said that shouldn't
5:18 am
cancel her flight home. she paid for the tick. she contacted 7 on your side. turns out cafe pacific and most major airlines reserve the right to cancel your entire ticket if you are a no show for even one leg of the trip. it was here in the contract. it says if you do not show up for any flight without advising us in advance, we may can sell your return or john ward reservations. still, after we told jessica's story, cafe pacific really stepped up. the airline not only refunded the extra airfare, it offered meals, hotel and few free tickets to hong kong. cafe pacific said we regret the action taken that didn't allow the passenger to travel with her come paniance. we have a policy that reservations can be cancelled if you miss any par of a flight but clearly there needs to be exceptions for certain situations. we are investigating the situation and will work to update our approach. jessica's mom is just happy she got home safe. >> when we saw her we were very
5:19 am
happy. >> airlines say the no show policy is aimed at keeping planes full and controlling fares. if your ticket is cancelled, don't get a refund. if you miss a connecting flights be sure to notify your airline that you still intend to use the rest of your ticket. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> the annual oakland marathon and running festival kicks off this morning. this is where the race will start at 19th and harrison streets at 7:30. 10,000 people are expected for the fifth annual run through the city. participants come from 31 states and all over the world. in addition to the marathon, there's also a 10k and a half-marathon. now you can expect quite a traffic mess. the marathon covers much of the city. road closers will begin at 6:00 this morning and are not expected to reopen until around 2:15. lisa, this is a race that shows offer the beauty of oakland. >> yes, and the clouds will be parting because right any it is a little cloudy out there, in
5:20 am
the 50s. but by 7:30, 8:30 and 9:00 it should be partly cloudy and a nice morning. certainly not only in oakland, but around the bay. we have even better news for our seven-day and our ten-day outlook. radar and satellite this morning with live doppler 7hd. we do have clouds and they are in mountain view, san jose and they are not really providing any concerns up in the north bay like usual. in fact, it's a little warmer in santa rosa and napa this morning. otherwise we are talking about some overcast. half moon bay 50. 56 in oakland. the warm spot. 51 san francisco. san jose with some clouds at 48. and a view from our roof camera where other numbers of mainly in the 40s. low 40s for napa and novato. about 6 miles visibility and 48 for our friends out in the livermore valley. concord waking up to 47 degrees. here's a look at sfo. starting out with partly cloudy skies. a little warmer today around the bay and inland. more widespread 70s.
5:21 am
the 60s will stay closer to the shoreline. we will still have a cool day at our beaches. but then rainy weather arrives tuesday into wednesday and this system is looking a little more interesting. in fact, packing a pretty good punch for the sierra nevada, as well. here's a look at our radar and satellite composite. the high pressure sits offshore. it is building in a little closer and that's allowing for the warming around the bay and inland today. temperatures once again a little more above average. but cueing up in the pacific is one system. there's actually a couple systems behind this that will provide not only some rain showers on tuesday and wednesday, but next weekend is also looking wet. so let's go through the next couple days. the coastal clouds. we are dry again tomorrow but into tuesday, by about 10:00, we have some north bay showers. this will push on through. there's another system behind it. so by tuesday night we are looking at some showers pushing into the central coast. this next animation picks up the
5:22 am
wet weather into wednesday. with scattered showers. looks like we get a break on thursday and friday. then this system here, yeah, looks like it is going to continue to sink to the south and this is our weekend rain for next weekend. so, yeah, looking pretty impressive. in fact the first system tuesday into wednesday, up to 1 to 2 feet of snow. anywhere from 5,000 to 6,000 feet in the sierra nevada. definitely shaping up to be better than what we thought. 27 santa clara, 71 sunnyvale. santa cruz at 69. on the peninsula you will have the clouds along the coast half moon bay. but 70 for redwood city. palo alto and san francisco mid-60s today. a little cloudiness in the sunset district. 62 petaluma, 72 san rafael. near east bay warming up to fear 70 in oakland and union city about the same. castro valley low 10s. head inland, 74 pittsburgh and 75 livermore and walnut creek
5:23 am
74. the accuweather forecast, still a couple degrees warming on monday. here come the showers on tuesday. wednesday, as well. even some leftover rain on thursday. looks hockey we are dry on friday. here comes another system next weekend. so looking pretty good for spring so far. >> yeah. so is it going to be significant? >> we could see upwards of maybe three quarters an up. to maybe an in inch the north bay with the first system on tuesday and then the next system, yeah, could be more generous. >> all right. thank you, lisa. you know, spring is now officially here in the bay area. we want to thank you for sending us some beautiful weather photos. it is he's is he to share your pictures with the abc7 weather app. you can also e mill them to ureport at or post them to our facebook page. takes news. up next, a group of bay area kids learns from a world chess master who is also just a kid
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ask. >> today and tomorrow are the final days for a mortgage relief event for struggling homeowners facing foreclosure. it's held at the marriott city center at oakland. nac brings together lenders and financially-strapped homeowners with naca as the go between. lenders usually make a decision about whether to modify a troubled mortgage on the same day. there's no cost to the homeowner. naca said about 80% of homeowners wind up getting some sort of relief. it runs from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00
5:27 am
p.m.. >> hundreds of his perfected their chess moves in san francisco. getting most of the attention was a 17-year-old boy of foster city. he's the fifth youngest american grand master. fourth youngest is bobby fischer. it was sponsored by the mechanic institute to introduce more kids to chess. up next, why michigan is halting same sex marriages even after a court overturned a ban on friday. also, washed away in seconds. crews try to find any survivors still trapped in a washington state landslide. and california public school students are about to take a test they have never taken before. the trial run to move state-wide testing from pencils to computers.
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn. good morning to you. we have clouds north and south end of the bay. it's clear in our east bay valleys. right now napa is clear at 41 degrees. 50 oakland, 44 san mateo. the sun comes up at 7:09. we will have plenty of it today. throughout the afternoon the fog clears back to the shoreline. it will be clear throughout the day today at our beaches. numbers cool, near 60. we will look for upper 60s and low to mid-70s for the most part around the bay. a couple dry days before rain returns. we will talk about that in the extended outlook. care lip. >> thank you, lisa. in washington state the search for survivors continues after yesterday's deadly landslide. three people were killed, at
5:31 am
least six others injured in a massive mudslide this took down everything in its path. officials say people were yelling for help last night. rescuers will continue looking for them. here's abc news reporter michelle franson. >> the wall of mud, trees, rocks and debris came crashing down just before 11:00 a.m. saturday. estimated to be a mile long, the mudslide completely blocked rural state route 530 near the town of oso, just north of seattle. >> i was the third car behind a truck and with a boat. that's when i just saw it was washing everything off the road. and i'm not sure if the truck made it through. >> at least six homes were destroyed. three people were killed. at least hatch a -- half a dozen others, including an infant, were taken to local hospitals. search crews are looking for other possible victims. >> we are busy trying to sift through the debris field, which is fairly large. we are looking for victims and
5:32 am
survivors at this time. we are still in a search and rescue mode and hoping for the best. >> that road is closed. everybody is being evacuated. >> residents downstream from the mudslide have been urged to evacuate because of the potential for catastrophic flooding of the river. officials believe the landslide was the result of heavy rain saturating the ground in recent weeks. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. there will be no more same sex marriages in michigan, at least for now. a federal appeals court suspended the nuptials yesterday, one day after a lower court judge overturned its ban on same-sex marriage. several hundred couples lined up yesterday morning for marriage licenses and got hitched before the court reinstituted the ban. the sixth circuit court of appeals said it issued the stay through wednesday for more time to consider friday's ruling. former secretary of state hillary clinton is speaking out about the importance of education. last night clinton, husband bill
5:33 am
and daughter chelsea were together on stage at southwest state university. earlier the former first lady spoke as part of their clinton global university saying education is essential. >> it remains the root out of poverty and into a better life with a rising income. it is the key to whether or not girls and women will have the chance to occupy their rightful places and assume responsibilities in their societies. >> today bill clinton and chelsea will hold a day of action in downtown phoenix to highlight community service. on tuesday most california public school students will take an assessment test they have never taken before. this one will replace the old center test. it will now be called the starter balanced field test.
5:34 am
abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez has a look. >> imagine a test students take a paperless test to measure their achievement n california that test will be launched in a few days. these students at james middle school in san francisco have been doing practice tests ahead of the test called the smarter balanced field test. >> you get to try it out before you actually do it. >> i also like it because there's no waste of paper. >> here's what the test will look like. some of the questions are like the old star test. multiple choice. others will ask you to drag and drop the answer in the correct box. draw your answer or write the answer or fill in the blank. >> it's now in two parts. what's the best answer to this one? and now say why. >> only this year students will not receive an individual score. that also means for the first time in years the state will not hold schools accountable for how
5:35 am
well a student performs like it did with the no child left behind act. but it starts counting next year. this allows school districts to make sure their network is fast enough and able to handle all the students at their schools. think of it as a fire drill. also, the results of the tests will be used to see if the questions are good enough to be used on the test next year. >> the students, through their interaction with the computer, will be saying weather they are able to navigate an item and whether they are able to answer it correctly or not. >> i am going to learn a lot more about computers and how to use them. >> it feels the same as taking the test on paper for me. >> parents may want to know more about the test. you can get this information at the california department of education's website at >> it will be given to students
5:36 am
and high school only 11th graders. abc7 news. >> a new medical alert this morning about women and strokes. a new study finds women say they would quickly call 911 if they knew they were having a stroke. the problem is they don't often recognize the symptoms. stroke is the third leading cause of death for women in the united states but the new study finds only about 20% of us are able to identify sudden severe headaches, unexplained dizziness and loss of vision as warning signs. and 1 in 5 were unable to identify a single symptom. >> i would have just thought maybe i was under a lot of stress. >> i don't think i would consider a stroke as a factor. >> this study appears in the american heart association journal "stroke." stanford hospital will likely pay more than $4 million to settle a class action claim alleging it violated patient privacy. our media partner "the mercury news" reports a settlement was
5:37 am
tentatively approved wednesday in los angeles county superior court. a claim filed in 2011 alleges the hospital and one of its former contractors allowed medical information of 20,000 emergency room patients to be posted online for nearly a year. the compromised information included medical record numbers and billing charges. no credit cards or social security numbers were disclosed. stanford university is start ago new program that will focus on bad research. the meta research invasion center, or metrics, will serve as a watchdog over researchers, publishers and policy maketories make sure the research is done correctly and the findings are not incorrect. they will even keep an eye on themselves. metrics will launch next month. ronald macdonald house wants to help more family so it hosted
5:38 am
a house party where it wants to expand. this provides a place for families to stay. families with critically sick children. right now the house is full with 47 families. the nonprofit wants to expand its facility to host 120 families at a time. >> ronald macdonald houses help children heel. this community and house helps families reduce stress and allows them to focus on what matters most, the health and well-being of their critically ill child. >> abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings, meteorologist mike niicko and former enter continue meant reporter don sanchez helped mc the groundbreaking gala to help raise at least 80% of the $41 million expansion project. this benefit brought in more than a half million dollars. still ahead on the abc7 morning news, up next, the mystery surrounding the giant office complex about to be built
5:39 am
in san jose. why the city is keeping quiet about who the tech giant will be. and here is a live look from our roof cam. do you remember where you stashed that umbrella? you are going to need it this week. lisa argen will be along shortly with your accuweather forecast.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> it locks as if river otters are back at lake tahoe. they are reporting sightings at the mammals. a woman at the wildlife care center said it's been 25 years since she's heard of a otter sighting in the area. they have been known to live in
5:42 am
the area for decades but this is the first time they have been seen at the lake. pretty cute there. >> very cute. you know what? they are going to see a couple feet of snow, the sierra nevada, before the week is out. so we are beginning a new week with some much, must have better news in terms of rainfall. here's a look from our emeryville camera where temperatures are in the low 50s. we will see above average highs today, tomorrow. then spring showers return. i'll have your forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the warriors face tony parker and the spurs, who were resting two of their biggest stars. could the warriors take down the western conference top team? mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
5:43 am
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♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, everyone. this is live look from our exploratorium cam. spring showers are on the way for the bay area. exactly when and where, well, lisa has the details coming up. the big buzz in san jose right now is which technology company is going to move into an office park twice the size of facebook's menlo park campus? a monster complex near minuteet
5:45 am
two san jose's international airport with room for up to 10,000 employees was just approved by city officials. abc7 news reporter matt keller has the story. >> this is a field of dreams groom by the city of san jose for about a decade. now it is ready to play ball. developer is an administrative rubberstamp away from it's site development permit. the estimated $700 million project would be the largest in the city since the dot-com boom went bust. >> i think it's a good thing, especially in san jose. why go to mountain view when we can make san jose better. >> the plan is to knock it down when the car club moves to another location. they put these renderings on their remember side. there's ten 7-story towers with 2 million scare feet of space. the campus could accommodate more than 8,000 employees, making it one of the largest
5:46 am
employers in san jose. >> i'm sure people would cork here instead of traveling to mountain view. >> the city is giving away millions in tax breaks for the project, but figures to make up for it with added tax revenues in the future. it will provide about $7 million in annual property taxes, not to mention the utility, sales and other taxings that would come in from new workers. the mayor said this is a huge company but stopped short of saying which company may be moving in. >> i may be the only person in city hall is knows. other people may know, but i think i'm the only person who knows and they asked me to keep it confidential, and i will. >> no time table is listed for when the project will begin. he said several other projects are in the works. in san jose, matt kill, abc7 news. >> the u.s. drought monitor has listed our area of having extreme drought conditions. lake sonoma is at 74% of capacity and the russian river
5:47 am
remains at a low level. so will they get some of this moisture this week, lisa? >> yeah, they could see about an inch of rain by thursday. and then another system by next weekend. so things shaping up bit by bit around here. not going to save us, for sure, from the drought, but at least we will be making a little bit of an impact in the next couple of days with our deficit. trimming this back a bit. live doppler 7hd where the fog is around the bay this morning. but with the low cloudiness, we are a little bit milder, especially in the north bay. here's a look at our exploratorium camera. san francisco sits pretty mild in the low 50s but even milder across the bay in oakland at 56. 46 in redwood city. half moon bay with clouds. 50 degrees. from our roof camera this morning, we do have some overcast, 46 in santa rosa. napa low 40s, dropping down to 39 in novato but upper 40s remain out by the delta. concord, livermore. should be a nice day today. and from the airport we are
5:48 am
looking at pretty quiet conditions. so partly cloudy skies this morning. a little bit warmer today and tomorrow around the bay and inland. still saying typically cool at the coast for a summertime pattern. we will look for rainy and cooler weather to arrive tuesday. stay with us through wednesday. maybe even linger into thursday. so this system is beefing up a little bit. it wasn't looking for impressive. but things are changing a bit. the way we like it. we have high pressure offshore. we will be looking at this to protect us for the next several days, keeping this system at bay. but the one behind us bringing us some spring showers. temperatures today in oakland near 70 degrees. but tomorrow almost as mild. average high 63. we are above normal. here comes the rain tuesday and wednesday. we recover a bit to near average by the end of the week. you will notice we are still in the 60s by the end of the upcoming work week. and another system headed our way next saturday. here's a look at the animation for tomorrow. you see the low clouds and fog.
5:49 am
tonight into tomorrow we are dry. but this is tuesday morning in the north bay. we've got rain this is the first weak system. another system behind it that will get the south bay wet. scattered showers at the south bay tuesday night. and wednesday this one making more of an impact with perhaps an inch of rain. that's wednesday and thursday. this is the long-range forecast that takes us out a week from tomorrow, march 31st. notice we are still looking at rainfall upwards of an inch, inch and a half. we haven't seen this in quite some time. with the second system headed our way next weekend, things are looking up. temperatures statewide still above average with low 70s. partly cloudy skies in los angeles. look for 730 yosemite and 64 monterey. temperatures today warmer than yesterday in fremont at 71. mid-70s across the bay in concord with 73 in san jose. 65 in san francisco.
5:50 am
74 in santa rosa and the accuweather seven-day forecast. we are still mild to warm above average tomorrow. clouding up with showers tuesday into wednesday. leftover morning showers on thursday and a break on friday. looks like another system come saturday of next weekend. >> about time. >> yes. great skiing, as well. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this morning tenth seeded stanford will try advance to the sweet 16 against second seed kansas in st. louis. tipoff 9:15 this morning. the warriors have the next five days off to rest up for their playoff push. last night they face the spurs, who are looking for their 13th straight win. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the spurs hosted by the warriors and as usual, san antonio head coach gregg popovich resting veteran tim duncan and nobodily after a win friday night. the warriors not resting anyone. they still struggle.
5:51 am
diaz puts them up early on. but the warriors battle back. steph curry, and down 3 at the half. gold state's first lead of the game but it was short-lived. danny green, the three. he had 18. spurs back on top. the splitter. 17 points, 14 boards. lays it in off the inbounds pass and tony parker led all scorers with 20. and resting key players. they lift at home 99-90. and up sets, syracuse and dayton. they knocked off ohio state. and gives dayton a 6-point lead. tyleren nice able to cut the lead to 1. after the free throw a 2-point game. for the win off the back of the win. dayton wins it 55-53. the flyers first sweet 16 appearance in three decades. all right. the sharks can clinch a playoff spot with a win over washington last night at the tank. with that on the line, the game goes to a shootout.
5:52 am
sharks in first place in the pacific. first period trying to clear the puck from in front of the net. goes off the leg and 1-0, caps. third feared, james sheppard on the breakaway. slaps home his third goal of the year. 2-1 san jose. and the shot off nieto. off boyle's shoulder and in. his first career goal. 2-26789 no score inover time. we go to a shootout. nicklas backstrom scores the game winner 3-2 the final. first time the caps have won in san jose since 1993, preventing san jose from clinching the playoff spot. to the women's tournament. stanford is playing with a big chip on their shoulder they are not a number one seed. they face south dakota in ames, iowa in day one. phoning in updates in this blowout. samuelson had 9. and today twelve points. 20 minutes. lays it down. stanford up 46-47 at the half.
5:53 am
she game the all-time leading scorer with 23 points. they move ton to face florida state monday with the victory. cal monthly fees, seventh seed placing waco. battling on injured ankle most the year. still led with 22 points, 10 assists, late second half. bears down one. 14 seconds left. florida one last shot. they will take it. she led 1/2 with 17 but an air ball. cal escapes with 64-63 victory. more from the ncaa men's and women's tournament tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, a romantic proposal. what brought this bride to tears moments before her future husband dropped to a knee.
5:54 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $96 million power ball draw.
5:56 am
>> one tick purchased in missouri matched all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot resets to $40 million. >> a san jose woman says her secret to success in the lottery, fortune cookies. she won more than $421,000 by matching five of six winning numbers in the mega-millions draw earlier this month. she said she picked those numbers from the message in her fortune cookie. she plans to use the money to take her husband on a honeymoon. the couple has been married 52 years, but has never had a honeymoon. a chicago man got creative with his marriage proposal. check this out. carmelo staged a flash mob with the help of his younger sister and her dance group. they danced to the song marry you by bruno mars. that's his girlfriend of 7 years looked on. then he dropped to a knee, asked her to marry him, and, of
5:57 am
course, she said yes. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, another credit card security scare. this one is not a major retailer but many californians could still be affected. what you need to know to protect yourself. and more clues on the >> the liner that disappeared more than two weeks ago.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 23rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. the clouds are around bait but the sun comes up at 7:09. some of you will see it. temperatures not quite as chilly as yesterday around parts of the bay but we did drop down to a 39 up in the north bay earlier. it's chilly there. otherwise numbers again cool at our coast, upper 50s to mid-60s. around the bay and inland we are warm up a few degrees from the upper 60s to the mid-70s. a couple dry days to


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